The Role Of Sexual Education At School Vs. The Home And Which Is Better?

The Role Of Sexual Education At School Vs. The Home And Which Is Better?

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In the UK over 25% of young people become sexually active before the age of 16 (Yu, YEAR). This is an issue of great concern as many of the consequences of early sexual initiation are unwanted teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, increased STIs and increased lifetime sexual partners. The US ranks number one of the developed countries in number of teenage pregnancies and STD rates (CITE). For example, in the US the rate of teenage pregnancy increased from 88.8/1000 in 1980 to 95.9/1000 in 1990 (Carter-Jessop, YEAR). This data presents an important psychological question: why do such rates occur and how can we reduce them? What is the role of sexual education in school vs. the home and which is better? Psychological theories such as social learning theory (CITE names?), ecological systems theory, and gender schema help explain the benefits and drawbacks of sexual education in schools and why comprehensive sexual education might solve some of the issues we have in the US.
The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States defines comprehensive sex education: “a program that provides medically-accurate, age-appropriate information on human development, relationships, decision making, abstinence, contraception, and disease prevention . . . stressing the value of abstinence while also preparing young people for when they become sexually active.”(CITE?) It is an all-inclusive program that informs of abstinence-only and contraception so kids are able to choose which path they want to take. If it were left only to the parents, kids may be given a biased view of what a healthy sex life looks like. Further, the comprehensive sex education includes information about homosexuality: information children are not likely to get at h...

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...eceive general information touching on all topics of sex education so every child receives equal information. The weakness is that different schools may teach sex education differently, and depending on which district one is in could determine what information is taught. We would need to require the same curriculum nationwide, which is very difficult to implement. In sum, the debate demonstrates psychological theories put into practice and how they can be utilised to provide insight into a difficult topic. Most theories and studies showed sex education should be taught in schools and not just at home, primarily because sex education is more easily moderated in schools. I agree with this conclusion because I believe too many adolescents would be neglected if schools did not require sex education. The step now is to implement comprehensive sex education in all schools.

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