The Role Of Robotics Into The Healthcare Sector Essay

The Role Of Robotics Into The Healthcare Sector Essay

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Robotics becoming more involved in medicine is hinged upon the average patient accepting and being comfortable around the healthcare robot. When attempting to integrate robotics into the healthcare sector, many different appearance and behavior features must be studied, such as: appearance verses functionality, trustworthiness, human-like features, and meeting social stereotypes. According to Leite et al., researchers, “…concluded in a web survey that participants consider appearance more relevant than functionality,” (qtd. in 303). On the other hand, Rie Tamagawa et al. conducted a study on the attitudes of members of a retirement village towards robots and found that robot functionality was more important to the residents than the robot’s appearance (115). Tamagawa et al. quoted a resident saying, during the study, “It’s the function of the thing that we want… I’m not interested in [the robot] having a face or arms,” (117); this data concurs with the studies that have found that older people would like a serious and task-based robot, while younger people prefer more humanoid and lively robot (qtd. in Tamagawa et al. 115-116). According to Leite et al. and Tamagawa et al., various generations of society have different priorities and expectations when it comes to robotics. According to Benedict Tay et al., another large aspect of robotic acceptance in the social sphere is trustworthiness, as, “…pitfalls of trust negatively affected user acceptance,” (qtd. in 78). In Brule et al. study, they found that an individual’s perceived trust of a robot is mostly influenced by its ability to perform a task (529). Jordan A. Mann and his colleagues found that in a healthcare setting, robots are preferred over tablets when giving instructions ...

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...sical specifications that they will need to have in order to most efficiently complete their task, so there is not one perfect set of physical embodiments for robotics (Leite et al. 303). One of the key aspects to future integration and acceptance of robotics is to decrease the public’s fear of robots and job loss. Robotics must be considered a tool for humans to increase efficiency, not a replacement for humans, in order to reduce fear and increase acceptance; German Carro Fernandez et al. explain, “Workers do not view a screwdriver… as a threat to their jobs. To avoid problems with acceptance and integration, the same concept should be applied to automation,” (55). Robots being suited for human interaction is of upmost importance for the healthcare sector, as users can choose to abandon the interaction if they wish, and, in doing so, may not get the care they need.

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