The Role Of Robotic Surgery For Spinal Trauma Essay

The Role Of Robotic Surgery For Spinal Trauma Essay

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Role of Robotic Surgery in Spinal Trauma

The use of robotic surgery in orthopaedics has been one of the recent advancements in the clinical practice, and it has showed good short-term results1. It has the advantage that it helps in the translation of pre-operative planning to intra-operative steps, thereby increasing the precision and accuracy with enhanced execution of surgery2. Lack of direct visibility of the anatomical structures in spine surgery makes the use of robotic surgery in this field all the more promising. Such use helps in reducing implant misplacements, thereby avoiding neurological complications in spine surgeries where implants are inserted3. It also helps in decreasing the radiation exposure which usually takes place to the persons involved in the surgery. The use of robotics in spine surgery not only helps in decreasing the surgical trauma to the surrounding structures, but also reduces the duration of hospital stay of such patients4.
In the early twentieth century, spine surgery was depended on thorough knowledge of the spinal anatomy as imaging was not available. The introduction of pneumomyelography by Dandy in 1919 proved a breakthrough in the field of spine surgery as well as radiology. However, spinal imaging got a new perspective after the invention of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Such new developments helped in proper pre-operative planning in cases of spinal trauma. More recently the introduction of intra-operative imaging like intra-operative CT and MRI further helped in refining the surgical aspects of spinal trauma. The development of image-guidance or navigation techniques has helped in avoiding the margin of error in surgical steps and was ...

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... in the incidence of surgical site infections. A big setback to robotic surgery is the significant costs involved not only due to the capital investment required in the initial setup but also the additional costs of increased operating time and increased training required in this field. Moreover, a surgeon must be able to convert the surgery to a conventional open surgery without any additional harm to the patient in cases of hardware and software failures. The evidence for the benefits of using robots in spinal surgery in long term is also lacking in literature. The surgeons and the medical fraternity must be convinced that the expected benefits outweigh the increased efforts in order to change them from the conventional to novel techniques.Socio-cultural issues are also involved in gaining acceptance of these novel things among the general masses36-38.

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