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The Role of Research in Marketing Essay example

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This research aims at finding out basic research methods, principles and techniques in order to present them in a seminar entitled “The Role of Research in Marketing” that is going to be organized on 20 August 2010. For this reason, this study will collect data and information regarding research methods, principles and techniques from various sources, especially secondary sources. In this regard, this study taken into account various postulations made so far by the researchers, theorists and scholars.
Research, generally is the composition of the two words: ‘Re’ and ‘Search’, which means ‘again’ and ‘seek’ respectively. Hence, etymologically, research indicates the function of searching for a given phenomenon again. However, research does not include only the retest of the already-established theories but also means to seek new phenomena. In this sense, research can simply be defined as an enquiry into the given social or scientific issues and phenomena. Research, thus, is a process of seeking new phenomenon or retesting the already-established postulations in the logical and scientific way. But in deeper sense, research is logical and scientific approach to find out cause-effect relationship between variables.
In today’s cutthroat business world, research is a tool to find solutions to the problems seen in the organization and be capable of achieving overwhelming role in the market. To have a good understanding of the business or marketing status of the organization, the marketing research can be supportive. Marketing research is the process of identifying existing marketing scenario, demand and supply, competitors, products, problems and suggesting best option or approach to resolute them. Marketing rese...

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...umber of interviewees is 200 and out of it 10 samples have to be selected, then each in the 20th number should be selected. Multi-stage sampling is carried out in a number of stages, from whole city to a ward or part of the city.
Likewise, in non-probability sampling, there are chiefly three sampling methods: Convenience sampling, quota sampling and dimensional sampling. Convenience sampling is conducted as per the comfortable situation whereas the quota sampling is based on the quota system for the respondents. This means to say that if there is total population 200 and out of it 20 respondents have to be chosen, then quota should be determined in terms gender, education, occupation and the like. Just contrary to these two methods, dimensional sampling tries to involve all walks of social life or all categories representing distinct gender, class, age and so on.

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