Essay about Role Of Public Health Administrator As A Professional Code Of Ethics

Essay about Role Of Public Health Administrator As A Professional Code Of Ethics

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As a health service manager or administrator establishing a professional code of ethics, conduct and morality is very important. Every individual should be treated with the up most respect regardless of their financial means. In the public health field, administrator should keep their promises of putting patients need first. Implementing a code of ethics will assist the administrator in determining the standards and expectations for conduct .The ACHE Code of ethics would be a great source and tool for knowing the standards and practices of your profession. According to ACHE, the primary ethical duty is to serve those who seek health care and to consider more than the financials when decisions are made. The role of public health administrator is not only to provide access but to safeguard the public against potential abuse from the health care system. The basic principles of ACHE code of ethics will help maintain the trust from employees and community (Morrison, 2011).
Social Responsibility. As health service administrator, who provides prevention services, their responsibility is to support prevention efforts by becoming involved. We are all considered part of the public health system and need to collaborate with the government and others to not only treat patients but engage prevention. If working in community-based facilities, public health administrator practice social justice on a daily basis, Public health administrator must use their knowledge and experience to make the best decision for the good of the community. The reporting and obtaining of data is extremely important in servicing the public as administrator. Data should be shared among various state and federal agencies for use in necessary reports to for healthier comm...

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...nd the way it functions and performs. It serves to review a health financing system resource mobilization, its pooling and purchasing functions as well as its efficiency and equity. This approach is in support of moving towards universal health care by helping to inform policy, develop improvement options and appropriate changes in organizational design in order to increase health financing performance (WHO, 2015).
There is still a lot of work to be done to put policies and laws in place that continue to lead towards universal health care. After researching HRSA and Health care reform, I feel that right now the Community Health Center Fund that provides expansion of health centers throughout the Nation is geared in the right direction. The only question is how would the private sector survive with the growth of public health programs and community centers?

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