The Role Of Public Administration Essay

The Role Of Public Administration Essay

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The essay is structured as follows. First, I discuss the role of public administration to serve society while adhering to legislators in more detail. I continue with a consideration of morals and personal philosophies and how this can greatly affect public administrators. I further support my arguments through the integration of selected readings. Additionally, I provide a stronger interpretation of the readings by accepting or refusing the conclusions of the authors. Next, I propose the respective arguments and supporting evidence leading to my conclusion. Lastly, I elaborate on the conclusion while distinguishing the restraints and qualifications of my research.
Public administration plays a large factor in modern governance through similar organization and shared challenges. As demonstrated by Kettl (2002), society expects more from government like public goods, so public administration must further develop as well. Through a foundation of a strong administration, government can fully accomplish societal demands. Furthermore, with consideration of an increased governmental oversight on public administration during this change in governance, accountability can be distributed through foundational ethics and ideologies of individual administrators. This moralistic accountability can be understood through two different lens of philosophy—through deontological or teleological perspectives (Lewis, 1996).
The deontological framework upholds to the moral judgment of each action, while there is little emphasis placed on the end result. With this, there could be negative consequences as a result of certain unethical actions that officials would not want to take based on their deontological thinking. Contrary to this view is...

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...establishment of a healthy administration. Also, the practice of redundancy through various agencies is a resilient mechanism to keep the integrity of each intention to serve the public, with the understanding that some individuals do not hold a high moral code. Additionally, there are arguments presented throughout the essay that indicate the importance of government and public administration to act in neutral manner it was also proven that opinions counterbalance one another but also initiate policy formation and public administration forward. It would be naïve to assume that individuals working in public service are not influenced in their own self-interests and morals—this concept is backed by the rational choice theory. The rational choice theory returns to the idea that selfishness drives all actors in the political process, including administrators.

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