The Role Of Police And Impoverished Ethnic Communities Essay

The Role Of Police And Impoverished Ethnic Communities Essay

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Sir Robert Peel was among the first influential figures in policing history. In 1829 he identified nine principles that he felt should characterize police forces. These nine principles are referred to as “ The Peelian Principles.” The second principle states “ the ability of police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police actions.” In current times public approval of police actions is somewhat nonexistent in many impoverished ethnic communities. This results from the bad shoots by police such as the recent Tulsa shooting by Officer Shelby. Many minorities, especially African Americans, view police as oppressors and choose not to affiliate themselves with them. The poor relationship police are having with impoverished ethnic communities is only making it more difficult for officers to perform their duties. That is why I think “improving the relationship between police and impoverished ethnic communities” should be the most important issue in policing today. To accomplish this we will have to implement community policing. Police departments will need to return to an earlier style of policing, in which officers went out on foot patrols and had intimate contact with the people they served.
Before we implement community policing three training requirements have to be met. The first requirement is learning the customs and courtesies of different ethnic groups. For example, in a Hispanic household you always talk to the man of the house, never presenting your position to the kid or mother. This would prevent police officers from unknowingly offending a family. The second requirement would be improving on immediate action drills in environments with innocent bystanders. The immediate action drills will teach po...

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...Police can then take the initiative to solve these problems to help improve the living conditions of that community. Community policing will also help deter crime in that area. With police officers on constant foot patrols criminals will be less likely to sell drugs, commit theft, or take part in gang violence; knowing someone is there to stop them each time.
I believe community policing in impoverished ethnic communities will change the resident’s negative view on police into a more positive one. They will see the effort the police are putting into their community and be more willing to help in police affairs. The younger generations of the community may even stop looking up to thugs as remodels and view police as remodels instead. Ultimately this program will improve relationships with ethnic communities and defuse the racial tensions between police and minorities.

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