The Role Of Poetry Within Our Current World Essays

The Role Of Poetry Within Our Current World Essays

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When presented with an inquiry about the role of poetry within our current world, I ponder the reach of impact. I facilitate the thought of its importance. I measure the expanse that poetry has in our human race. Realistically speaking, a human being can live without poetry. In fact, millions of people go decades without the indulgences of poetry. However, there is a role of poetry that every human being has access to.
The role of poetry in our world is that it makes you feel alive. My claim isn’t based on the literal sense of being alive but I make this claim on the premises that feeling alive is emoting and being intact with the full range of emotions and understand/follow the complexities of the nature of life. This can be further understood in a variety of reasons such as the process of writing poetry, the process of reading it, and what elements compose poetry that relate to human life.
To begin, the process of writing poetry is a process that is extremely abstract and varies from author to author. In my opinion, the sheer act of writing poetry is a notification of life. This notification of life comes from the fact that the author can deeply sift through his emotional spectrum and experiences of life and scribe them to a series of lines and stanza. This process, to communicate your inner understanding into words of meaning, is a form of human life. While it may sound like any kind of writing is a sign of life, poetry is essential to validate as a sign because of the emotional discovery and searching required to convey the truth behind the emotion. For example, Emily Dickinson was an absolute recluse and much of her community saw introversion as being lifeless. It was later discovered through her journal that she was one o...

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...deem a moral set from a poem and decisively analyze its moral set.
To conclude, it was apparent to me that much of the world does not indulge in the reading of poetry while the entire world should. The reason is that poetry holds a critical role in our modern society. It is one of the few art forms or forms of expression that can make a human being feel alive. This experience of feeling alive is achieved through the process of writing and reading poetry. Not only this, the human mind is most captivated by the opportunity to make decisions on morals and message. This also supports the ability to feel alive. Throughout much of our modern times, we face the mundanities of our rhythmic lifestyles and habitual “everydays”. We begin to lose touch with our human emotion and their bearings. Poetry revitalizes the emotional palette granting the poet to feel alive once again.

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