The Role Of Playing Video Games On Children Essay

The Role Of Playing Video Games On Children Essay

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My mother has always been one of the biggest parts of my life. In elementary school, during the days when my dad was at work, she took care of her three kids by tending to any need we had. Everyday she was the one who dropped us off and picked us up from school, came with us on field trips, and sat at home with us on the weekends. I also have an older brother, Chase, who is 2 years older than me and we were inseparable. Whether it was sports, playing video games, or coloring; we were always together. My sister, Cassidy, who is 2 years younger than me was always with Chase and I no matter what it was, such as cheering for us to get to the next level in a video game or complimenting us on our throws and catches to each other so she was always around. She never wanted in on the action when we were playing most of the time, she just liked to watch and hang out with us. Anything we did, she was always our supporter. As soon as we heard my dads truck pull into the driveway, all three of us would run right to his driver door and wait for him to get out. We would have dinner that my mom had made and watch television for awhile and then go to bed then start all over the next day. You could say we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with our dad when we were kids which wasn’t really a bad thing, because he worked to provide us with everything we could ask for. This was the way it had been since as far back as I could remember so it was normal for us. Everything changed dramatically when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in August of 2005.

As hurricane Katrina approached the state of Louisiana, it was a normal Friday in the Franklin household. Mom would take us to school, then pick us up when necessary. Dad would get home around 8...

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... a lot of just missing her and not really understanding why she was gone other than she was helping people.
As the years went on, she went out on several more disasters and would be gone from 3 to 9 months each time. I eventually understood why she had to go and the good that she was doing in addition to the good income that it brought in for our family but it didn 't make me miss her any less or it any easier for our family. There was definitely one huge life change that happened in our family with this entire situation and that was the fact that I got to really know my dad and my dad really got to know us. I 'm not sure if that would have happened if my mom hadn 't had to go away to work as it kind of forced us to develop a new family dynamic. I used to say that I hated "insurance" but there have definitely been some advantages. I 'm glad I got to know my dad.

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