The Role Of Physical And Biochemical Characteristic Of The Variable Domain Of A Heavy Chain Antibody

The Role Of Physical And Biochemical Characteristic Of The Variable Domain Of A Heavy Chain Antibody

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This report characterized a novel kind of antibody called nanobodies (molecular weight of only 12–15 kDa) found in Camelids. Understanding the role the physical and biochemical characteristic of the Variable domain of the heavy chain antibody (VHH) of nanobodies (Nbs) plays in the clearance nanobodies from the kidney to the bladder will help advance the application of nanobodies in imaging. Nanobodies have similar properties to conversional antibodies but their bio-distribution and clearance via the kidney is different. Preliminary results proved that the Complementarity determining region three (CDR3) and the amino acid sequence of nanobodies influences their bio-distribution and elimination from the kidney into the bladder. Aligning the DNA and protein sequences of the chimeras (that they have similar Framework regions (FR) region but varying Complementarity determining region (CDRs). constructed from two wild type nanobodies (NbAahIF12 and NbAahII10C/S ) had a different clearance with respect to the wild type (WT). The DNA of NbAahIF12 and NbAahII10C/S was encode for-six-histidine. This 6 histidine tail ease purification of nanobodies using IMAC, gel filtration chromatography and the NAP colon
The purified nanobodies the with the radiolabeled 99mTechnetium at the His tail was injected into mice. After one hour, their route of clearance checked to know which of these nanobodies is being eliminated from the kidney to the bladder and which one stick in the kidney. Rats were used as model animals instead of mice in this experiment for proper visualization of its organs because of their larger size and because they are unable to produce any antigen against these nanobodies like in other larger mammals. Therefore any distribution ob...

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...create humanized nanobodies which will not produce an immune response upon injection into the body (Harmsen and De Haard, 2007; Vincke et al., 2009). The grafting of one or more amino acid(s) from one nanobodies to another in the search of new and exciting properties of Nbs, has encouraged the grafting of whole CDR to understand which of these three CDRs most important. CDR3 of have a very important role in their overall properties of nanobodies. Mutant nanobodies, which had new CDR 3 showed a different pattern when compared to the WT.
Nanobodies are powerful therapeutic tools in imaging to monitor the progression of disease. Nanobodies can be the next generation tool in imaging hence, more research is required to developed novel principles that can be applied to make nanobodies more efficient because improving the imaging quality of nanobodies will be revolutionary.

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