The Role Of Peer Reviews And Reflective Commentary Essay

The Role Of Peer Reviews And Reflective Commentary Essay

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Effectively communicating through writing is extremely important in any career. I have recently been hired by the City of Yakima as a law enforcement officer where written communication is imperative for my line of work. Writing clearly and coherently is something law enforcement officers are required to do because most often it will be used in court proceedings. If I am unable to write effectively the defense attorneys can use that as a way to discredit my performance as an officer and therefore could cause issues for the prosecuting attorney. Over the course of the semester I was taught how to do peer reviews and reflective commentary at the end of each unit. I have written a few papers that my peers have evaluated me on. Peer reviews are an important part of my writing as it helps me see where I need to revise my work. Based on my peers reviews and instructor feedback, I have selected a couple of essays that would be best suited for revisions. These essays are from unit one and unit four. The two essays I will revise will help strengthen my portfolio for semester end and show the progress I have made overall.
Visual analysis was the initial essay I was to write about this semester. This essay required me to select a photograph and begin to explore and analyze. My photograph of choice was black and white photo related to segregation in America that I would pose a question or issue surrounding the image. After completing my essays I received some mixed reviews on how well I presented my analysis. The issues brought up by my peers were the number of pages, analysis of the photograph, and not including enough about the photograph in my essay and history of the photo in my paper. These were all extremely helpful tips...

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... Being able to critical think is one aspect of my writing that I have always struggled with. Having taken this course, I have learned how to improve my critical thinking skills and get past the typical four to five paragraph essays.
Overall, I was a little reluctant on how much I would learn from this course. Now that we are at semester end I am able to look back at what I have achieved so far. I have learned how to peer review essays and take feedback on my own writing. I have also learned how to write reflective commentary on my thoughts for my unit essays. Final I have moved beyond my normal four to five paragraph essay due learning how to critical write. As I mention before, writing is an imperative part of my job. I will be able to take the lessons I have learned this semester and directly translate to my job as a law enforcement officer and as a student

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