Role Of Organization / Firm Within The Context Of Csr Practice Essay

Role Of Organization / Firm Within The Context Of Csr Practice Essay

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The particular group is concentrating on the discussion about the role of organization/firm in the context of CSR practice. There are nine articles within this class.
The article Modelling the Firm in Its Market and Organizational Environment: Methodologies for Studying Corporate Social Responsibility by Crouch (2006) examined the fit role of CSR in profit-oriented company by applying theory of the firms. The theoretical study argued that combination of factors in theory of the firms such as concept of externalities recognition, governance, corporate hierarchy, government, law, immediate & long-term interests, formation of taste, the relationship between firms and market-related actors (consumer, investor, and employees) determined the best model for each profit-oriented companies implementing CSR.
The article Firm Self-Regulation through International Certifiable Standards: Determinants of Symbolic Versus Substantive Implementation by Christmann and Taylor (2006) assessed determinants of firms’ compliance with certified international standard on CSR using 172 suppliers as the samples. Implementing firm self-regulation theory, the authors found out that factors such as importance of issue to customers, frequency of direct customer monitoring, supplier certification program, perceived customer switching costs, establishing a working relationship with new customers is a time-consuming process, sales to foreign customers, firm size, percentage of foreign ownership, industrial sector, and process technology significantly affected suppliers ' quality of certification choice.
The article Corporate Social Responsibility and the Social Enterprise by Cornelius, Todres, Janjuha-Jivraj, Woods, and Wallace (2008) measured t...

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...lation, and role of CEO. This article is theoretical study in nature.
The field of marketing as an antecedent of CSR is not a robust category as only one article that fall into this class.
The next article that was based on theory of marketing communication is case study in nature and used one co-operative bank in UK as the sample. The author, Jahdi and Acikdilli (2009), in the article Marketing Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Marriage of Convenience or Shotgun Wedding?, attempted to measure the role of marketing communication to enhance company reputation and brand image via CSR reporting. The result showed that the right choice of marketing communication tools and mediation by source credibility and attractiveness as well as media choice determined the success of CSR reporting in enhancing company reputation and brand image.

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