The Role Of Nurses Playing An Important Role Of Communication With The Patient

The Role Of Nurses Playing An Important Role Of Communication With The Patient

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Nurses playing an important role in communication with the patient. ”communication is a life long learning process for nurse.’’(P & P). Nurses are working with patients and their families from their birth to death. It is mandatory to the nurse to maintain or create a therapeutic relationship, communication throughout their caring process. For effective communication the nurse should understand their cultural belief, and values, etc. One person’s personal beliefs, traditions and values can influence their recognition of their health and wellness. Based on that they will choose their medical care and treatment. (Nadline Caron). Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of the Canadian land. Aboriginal peoples are living with their family,and they will give more importantance to their family members as well. Aboriginal people are interested in family members should take part in their medical care or decision making. When it adds up, to end of life decision making,family members of first nation patients try to balance holding on their loved once informed by still allowing them to keep hope.(Kaufert JM). Some relatives of the aboriginal older adult who diagnosed with terminal illness, might not want their loved one to know the dangers of the disease condition, as positive thinking is believed to boost the wellness. Sharing the information about the disease condition of the patient directly, that leads to the patient to die more quickly. For this reason, some aboriginal patients might accept ‘uncertainty in prognosis or disease progression” more flexible than non aboriginal people.(Kaufert JM). Some health care providers they don’t know the aboriginal people language. Same as well, all the aboriginal people they don’...

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...bal communication is a big challenge because of the different cultural expectations. For, example, in some aboriginal culture, eye contact while talking , they consider this is disrespectful, since the eyes are the window to the soul. But in North American culture, eye contact while talking with the person shows honesty, interest and active listening. Some aboriginal people, take little time to respond, start to tell a long- winded story. The nurse should be patient, to listen to the patient they will answer the questions and express their feelings as well. First nation, people they expect respect from the care provider as a person. Many aboriginal people’s perspectives of disease are different than non aboriginal people. They believe that the diseases of the evil spirit. For the treatment too, their belief is the traditional healing ceremonies. (Nadine Caron).

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