The Role of Nature and Nurture on Infant Development Essays

The Role of Nature and Nurture on Infant Development Essays

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Even though there are several theories on what a newborn infant is capable of, and not capable of, one thing is for sure-they are dependent on their environment for nourishment (food and love). There is a bevy of evidence to support both nature and nurture play equally critical roles in infant development.
Unit five exhibits this with the use of an analogy in which it states: “To use a construction analogy, nature provides the materials to build a house, but if the construction crew doesn't arrive, the house doesn't get built, and the materials lie about in disarray.” (Michael S. Swett) One such case that exemplifies this in our reading is when: “A 12 year old child discovered living in the woods of Aveyron, France, a wild child who had apparently never lived with humans”. (Michael S. Swett) The boy later named Victor is stated to have been taken in by a French scientist as a means to study the effects of nature versus nurture through the scientist’s attempts to educate, civilize, and assimilate him. His limited ability to learn developed adult tasks and skills reflects the detri...

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