Essay about The Role of Morality and Life in Abortion

Essay about The Role of Morality and Life in Abortion

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Every day, thousands of babies are suctioned out of their mothers’ wombs through a procedure called abortion. Rejected by their mothers and regarded as medical waste by their killers, both of whom the law protects, these babies seemingly have no right to protection or life themselves. In fact, society allows these babies to die silently, with no recognition or acknowledgment of their humanity.
One of the largest arguments between the two sides, pro-choice and pro-life, centers around when a fetus is defined as a human or a person. At what point does a person become a human – conception or birth? Whether one agrees with pro-life proponents that fetus is a human from the point of conception, or pro-choice proponents that argue a fetus is not a human until it can sustain life outside of the mother’s body, the next argument centers around whether or not the mother has a moral obligation to this child to sustain its life. If the pregnancy is unwanted or unplanned, does the mother’s the right to “bodily autonomy” morally supersede any rights of the fetus (Thomson, 351)?
In “A Defense of Abortion,” Thomson’s violinist analogy portrays a scenario where you wake up and find out you were kidnapped and then connected via a machine to a famous violinist’s circulatory system keeping him alive. The violinist suffers from kidney failure, and you have the exact blood type to support him live and save his life. Your kidneys are excreting the poisons from his blood

and he only needs your assistance for nine months. At that point, he can then unplug himself from the life support and allow you to resume living your life as you were. You have the choice to either remain connected to him for the whole nine months or disconnect yourself from ...

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...lives were ended before they could ever begin.

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