The Role Of Men And Women Within Society Essay

The Role Of Men And Women Within Society Essay

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The question of the role of men and women within society is a significant issue that has been thoroughly debated for a long period of time. Through the publications of Mary Wollstonecraft’s “Of the Pernicious Effects Which Arise from the Unnatural Distinctions Established in Society” and John Stuart Mill’s “The Subjection of Women” demonstrated their ideas about women’s rights, which brought the attention of many philosophers that helped them generate new ideas and aspects of this debate of the role of women and men. Wollstonecraft argues that women should achieve respect and education, in order for women to become valued in society and be able to generate many opportunities in life, therefore, they would not become a drudge of men. In the case of Mill, he took in notion the economic issues involved in the oppression of women in society. He became conscious that it was incorrect to restrict women in its advancement by withholding high education and economic opportunities. Mill argues that women should have the same rights as men since women can benefit the whole aspect of society. Even though these philosophers had similar ideas about women’s rights, they also had their distinctness to the issue of the role of men and women in society. Wollstonecraft was more focused on giving the role of women than men by connecting the condition of women to a political and social structure of society. In contradistinction to Wollstonecraft, Mill writes about the roles of men and women, however, he is more direct about the economic aspects, such as the inequality of women, and consequences, which claims that equality between the sexes might change these conditions.
Wollstonecraft believes that both men and women are talented with absolute rights ...

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...rsancy with the things which their opinions influence, that would necessarily arise from their social and political emancipation. But the improvement it would work through the influence they exercise, each in her own family, would be still more remarkable” (681). Mill suggests that it would be excellent if women had more freedom of speech, because if women had the opportunity to share their knowledge and opinions it would make society become suitable and for their own particular families. With an educated mother, a male child could gain the benefits good education that will help them in their future to become successful in knowledge.
Mill notes the roles of men and women, nevertheless, he takes more into consideration the economic aspects, such as the inequality of women, and consequences, which claims that equality between the sexes might change these conditions.

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