Essay about The Role Of Media History And Contemporary Media

Essay about The Role Of Media History And Contemporary Media

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Why is study of the history important? it is obvious that we are able to learn from history any principles. How about media history? Why do study of the media history helps to understand contemporary media? Roger Silverstone (1999) described “the media are central to our everyday lives that we must study them” (Roger, 1999, p3). Media are always with us from a certain past, so we are able to trace its footmark to understand contemporary media.
In this essay, I’ll argue which point are similar between media history and contemporary media by using examples which are mainly focus on consumption culture and how technology has changed the way of media environment, then I’ll conclude that why studying media history helps understanding for contemporary media by several evidences.

First of all, consider regarding consumption culture. consumption culture is not only for society, but also for media. Rovert describes (1993) First appeared early patterns of consumption within a distinctively capitalist economic structure is in England during the post Civil War period which is in the second half of the seventeenth century (Robert, 1993, p11) There is a proof called The Gin Graze happened in the first half of 18th century in London due to new industrialization which is not only creating new ways of working, but also creating new ways of living (Cray P3). And Cray also mentioned that Since the world war 2, TV consumption is the largest chunk of our free time which is an average of over twenty hours a week (Cray p5). It means a civil surplus are used for consumption, especially for TV consumption. In addition, Compared with its consumption, according to Ofcom, “Viewers watched on average 4 hours of television per day in 2011” (Ofcom). From the...

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...f the most watched program via iplayer (BBC on demand service) are Top Gear( ), Doctor Who( )and Bad Education ( ). I pick up Bad Education as an example. The program is not educational though, it was nominated in top 3 of most viewed program. From that point, young generation consume TV contents, despite social net working site has expanded. Bad Education is very entertained content, but it is required to incorporate into media. Robert (0000) mentioned about consumption is “Consumption has become a process which typifies late modern or ‘post-modern, capitalism” (Robert, 1993, p109). Westernized culture are mainly with capitalism, so the audience has still remained such consumer watching chunk of time with entertainment contents, especially with TV at the moment as what Cray ( ) describe “so what did we do with all the time? Mostly, we watched TV” (Cray, p4).

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