Essay on The Role Of Leadership Within The Team Leadership

Essay on The Role Of Leadership Within The Team Leadership

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Over the past seven weeks of being enrolled in the Team Leadership class, I have learned about the principles of teamwork and how the role of leadership in teams and Ethics in the Workplace can have a negative or positive effect on the team. In this summary paper, I’m going to be discussing teamwork theories in my workplace.
The effectiveness of a team doesn’t happens through magical means. In this first section, my discussion will focus on the role of leadership within teams in any organization. The team leaders play important roles in directing the team members and inspiring them to stay on the right path. In every organization, having people to lead is a necessity. The aims and purposes of the team are established by the leader(s), and members of the team. It’s not helpful to any organization for every decisions to be made and finalized by the leader alone. In my current organization, we are experiencing so much problems because of our leaders. The leaders are not supportive of what employees do, but all they care about is that the job get done.
While hard working employees are rewarded in other organizations, ours have always treated employees that go above and beyond as if they do not deserve to be recognize. For the past four years, the company that manages our organization has not make any progress. Employees feel that since they are not recognize for their hard work, there is no need to put in extra efforts. The employees’ turnover rate has double, callouts rate increases every day. Some of our employees are being favor by leaders which is causing confusion among employees. When it comes to giving time off, awarding jobs and overtime, leaders in our organization would give first preference to the employees whom they ar...

... middle of paper ... around to see what needs attention. We have situations such as being understaffed, having to work with broken equipment, and schedules not being properly done which hinder our daily progress, but those are being overlooked by our leaders. Employees have become frustrated and tired about the idea of not being heard, as a result everyone is going by the flow of coming in to work and just finishing up hi/he task only. As a result of all those behaviors, there has been a negative impact on our organization. We are unable to reach our goal of providing excellent services to the patients and visitors we serve.
In conclusion, leadership role can only be important when the leader is living by example. If the outcomes from the people you lead are not align with what you are trying to accomplish, then you should try being a member of the team and let someone else lead.

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