Essay on The Role Of Leadership And Conflict Management

Essay on The Role Of Leadership And Conflict Management

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So everyone knows, that in order for a business to be successful it must be under the right management and have a core group of workers who are dedicated. Leadership and conflict management are very important parts of business and it has a very close relationship with communication. There are many different types of leadership and types of power. Most would say they already know all about leadership and power; however, they are very wrong. Leadership is all about collaborating, and it is necessary to produce mutual influence and common purpose for the development of change. Good leadership helps workers feel as if everyone is working together to reach a same common goal, and makes them feel as if they belong. Bad leadership makes workers feel annoyed, less productive, and feel as if they are not valued. Leadership is very important in the workplace, but it is also very important to utilize power the right way. According to French and Bertram Raven (1968) there are five different types of power; coercive, reward, legitimate, referent, and connection power. Each type is held by a different employee. Leadership and conflict management interested me because to most it is a broad topic; however, there is so much more to it and it would be easy to inform others about it.
In the textbook, it states that job title is about status; however, job title does not mean equal leadership. True leadership is about power. An organization’s ability to learn, to harness collective intelligence and to translate that learning rapidly into action in response to environmental challenges is the ultimate competitive advantage in the constantly changing context of the information age. It is an indicator of the organization’s resiliency and adaptabi...

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...t are not as of a broad topic as most would say. Bad leadership leads to unmotivated employees, and power becomes problematic, when it is not balanced and distributed evenly. Each employee -- management or otherwise -- exerts a form of power in the workplace. Power, at its core, is the ability of a person to exert her will over another. How a person chooses to use power in a workplace context depends greatly on the employee 's personality and position within the company. How this power is obtained is handled is based on the employee’s attitude toward the company, and that is based on how the employee feels about how they were treated. So power is connected to leadership, therefore if workplaces are informed more about good leadership and how to utilize power this will help with conflicts in the workplace, and in return will help the workplace be a fresh breath of air.

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