The Role of Leaders in Companie's Fate Essay

The Role of Leaders in Companie's Fate Essay

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In turbulent financial times like these, the quality of leadership in companies is of utmost importance. Leaders play a great role in determining the fate of companies. They are like captains steering their ships in the middle of a storm at sea. In the case of Monsanto, Hugh Grant has been that captain. He has managed to turn around a controversial company into one of the most respected agricultural biotechnology companies in the world. This term paper seeks to bisect and dissect his leadership style to understand the reasons behind the success of Monsanto.
Monsanto is an agricultural biotechnology company based in Creve Coeur, Missouri. It is one of the pioneers in production of genetically engineered seed dating back to the early 1970s. It began operations in 1901 and its products were mainly basic industrial chemicals. In the 1940s, it became a leading producer of plastics and synthetic fertilizers. After the Second World War, Monsanto ventured into the manufacture of chemical pesticides for agricultural purposes (Richardson). It developed an agricultural division in 1960. Monsanto went on to develop Roundup, a very popular weed killer to date. Roundup positioned it as the largest herbicide producer in the world. Within a few years of its launch, farmers in 115 countries around the world were already using Roundup (Richardson).
At the turn of the century, it merged with Pharmacia thus changing its name to Pharmacia. The agricultural wing became semi-independent and maintained the name Monsanto (Berry 45). Monsanto focused all its energies on biotechnology. The company developed seed varieties that were resistant to Roundup. This meant that farmers could spray Roundup while the crops were still growing without harming the crops...

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