The Role Of Intuition And Decision Making Essay

The Role Of Intuition And Decision Making Essay

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Role of intuition in decision making

Referring to Bacon (2013) in the journal article “Intuitive intelligence in leadership” states that he role of intuition in decision making is important. A manager uses it oftentimes for quick and fast decisions. It is merely known, perceived, understood or believed by instinct. It is the individual’s feelings, nature or routine. When guided by experience with a previous pattern, these responses could be considered the result of intuition Bacon (2013). Gordon as used in Bacon (2013) states that intuitive intelligence may be the most powerful protection for company decision making. Bacon (2013) states that, the more creative an individual is chance is that he or she has a better understanding.

Bacon (2013) continues that intuition is a process of searching and combining information. If we learn intuition in our business it can be our greatest armor as long as we use it positively and with few mistakes. Bacon (2013) further discusses that when he worked in some world’s big companies and with some highly distinguished managers they used their instinct first prior to accessing information. And Bacon (2013) believed that:

“Intuition needs to be trained. It’s a learned skill, and the more you use it, the more reliable it become” p. 27

As Bacon (2013) further added that an Intuition can be practice to develop better chances, start a plan; come up with solution for every problem.

In addition Matzler, Uzelac, and Bauer, (2014) referring to the article journal “The Role of Intuition and Deliberation for Exploration and Exploitation Success” states that during the older days intuition is connected with super natural powers, now it’s said to be more on the way human thinks, make a decision and...

... middle of paper ...

...that it will also resolve their current situation Francis-Smythe, et al. (2013).

In conclusion, being a manager is very hard with all the paper works and thinking of the solution to be done to solve a problem or chaos within the industry. But then, it is not only the manager who should make the decision but all the working teams within the business firm. Manager must be responsible for their own self and in order to implement things within the group and subordinates they must be firm and work diligently, follow the steps in decision making process in management. One of the reason why manager fail is most of the time managers make urgent decision and did not involve others that leads to wrong decision and because some incidents are unusual or evidences and facts presented are not complete during evaluation of the problem (Matzler, et al., 2014).

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