Role Of Integration And Development Of A Project Essay

Role Of Integration And Development Of A Project Essay

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Assignment 1B
Role of Integration as defined by PMBOK
Integration management is the process that ensures the diverse elements of a project are well harmonized and coordinated (Fitsilis, 2008, p.379). Integration involves the trade-off on the competing goals and options to ensure that they exceed stakeholder expectations. When performed well, integration ensures the smooth running of a project up to completion. The role of integration includes planning the development of a project so as to create a coherent and consistent document. The second role is the execution of project plan which involves ensuring that the team follows the policies, strategies, and activities in carrying out the project plan. Another role is the coordination of any changes that occur in the project during its life. Change control ensures that the management can deal with any unforeseeable circumstances that may affect the project. The outputs of integration management are the scope statement, project plan, and project charter.
Importance of scope management
Burke (2013 p46) defined project scope management as the process of planning a project through the determination of objectives and goals to be achieved, the activities to be performed, the cost of each task, and the deadline to complete the project. It defines and maps the project accurately through the work that needs accomplishment for product delivery. Scope management is critical since it allows project supervisors to allocate financial resources optimally and time resources necessary for the completion of the project and therefore, avoid the overrun of time and cost. It also helps in control of what is involved in the project scope and what is not involved and hence products are produced according to...

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... and therefore the requirements are captured. The techniques may include mind mapping, brainstorming, and the use of Delphi method.
• Questionnaires: where the stakeholders are in different geographical areas, a standard questionnaire, allows a quick collection of the data and therefore capturing the requirements.
• Observation: the tool of observation puts one member to observe the activities that entail the performance of a job and hence, achieve the requirements that may have been missed by other techniques.
• Prototype: the method goes through the process of the project in a small unit to the end. In the course of creating the prototype, the requirements of the project are captured.
To test whether the tools used collected at least five of the requirements, a project manager can use either requirement traceability matrix or requirement documentation.

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