The Role Of Group Leader And Coordinator Essay

The Role Of Group Leader And Coordinator Essay

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What are the various roles taken on by group members?
The roles within the group that present obstacles are the aggressor, monopolize, recognition-seeker/attention-getter, hostile/acting out and the advice-giver (Erford, 2010). The counselor will take on the role of group leader and coordinator. The group leader may explain the dynamics and organization to the group so that self-disclosure and feedback can be positive. The different roles of the members of the group are not necessarily predetermined. Through the communication and rapport between each member of the group, roles will be established (Puskar et al., 2012).
Which roles and issues would you feel is most problematic for you and
The role in which I may find problematic is in diverting adverse and maladaptive interactions between group members. I will have to learn techniques to help resolve negative issues that may arise between the members of the group. Another area I will have to develop skill is in motivating everyone to participate within the group. There may be those who are quiet by nature or experience along with those who are outspoken. It is the group leader’s role/task to be cognizant of what is being spoken verbally as well as what is being articulated through a nonverbal manner such as through body language (Puskar et al., 2012). As the leader, deciphering what each member is sharing and what their particular needs are will become less complicated as suggested by Puskar et al.
Provide an overview of ASGW and what it involves; including the multicultural competencies and/or best practices guidelines.
The ASGW is a part of the American Counseling Association (ACA), to establish guidance for counseling professionals. The ASGW assists counseling student...

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