The Role of Government Intervention in Developing Nations Economy Essay example

The Role of Government Intervention in Developing Nations Economy Essay example

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All nations can get the benefits of free trade by being specialized in producing

goods they have a comparative advantage and then trade them with goods produced

by other nations. This is evidenced by comparative advantage theory.

Trade depends on many factors, country's history, institution, size and

geographical position and many more. Also the countries put trade barriers for the

exchange of their goods and services with other nations in order to protect their own

company from foreign competition, or to protect consumers from undesirable

products, or sometimes it may be inadvertent. And even though the tariff barriers have

been reduced significantly but the other barriers are still exist.

The developing nations have argued that the protectionist trading policies of

developed nations is being an obstacle against the industrialization of many

developing nations. Accordingly, developing nations have sought a new international

trading system with improved access to the market of developed nations. Some of the

problems that the developing nations faced have been unstable export markets,

Deterioration terms of trade, and limited access to the market of developed


Most of developing nations concentrate in one or few primary products in

their exports. When the market demand decreases for that product it will reduce

export revenues significantly and disrupt domestic income and employment


Both developed and developing countries are benefited by tariff reduction.

The consumer will have more choices with more products and wider price range.

Tariff reduction allows comparative advantage to reveal itself by encouraging

resources to be used in a way that the country...

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