Essay Role of Geography in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Essay Role of Geography in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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The lust for territory seems to be the real source of conflict, and until one group is satisfied, the appearance of religious conflict will exist in the Middle East. It seems as if the real truth needs to be portrayed to the rest of the world about the true reason for the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is geography and ultimately water. The lack of water stems from the Great Syrian Rift Zone, and causes damage to Israeli land which ultimately decreases the amount of water that flows into the Red Sea. This lack of water causes Israel and other surrounding countries (Jordan, Lebanon, and the Occupied Territories) to only have one source of surface water, which is from Lake Kinnaret, or the Sea of Galilee that flows into the Jordan River. The Jordan water eventually leads to the Dead Sea, where its usefulness ends due to its high saline content. The Jordan River supplies water to about 15 million people who live along its shores and use its waters through aquifers and underground lakes.
The problem with this is that Israelis and people living in the Gaza Strip are pumping mass amounts of water from these sources, which limits the water supplied to Jordan and surrounding areas and tends to pollute the remaining water. The Golan Heights though are not affected by this because it borders Lake Kinnaret, which is the most prized freshwater source. Ultimately this is why the Golan Heights is so important to both the Israelis and the surrounding Arab nations, and this is the reason both parties are willing to violate human. Israel also has never negotiated the return of the Golan Heights to the Palestinians. Syria after losing this area in 1981, realizes the importance of this area and for years has supported the Hezbollah group and its ...

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