The Role Of Gang Delinquency On A National Level Essay

The Role Of Gang Delinquency On A National Level Essay

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Historically, it is difficult to document the extent and seriousness of gang delinquency on a national level.
(Bookin-Weiner and Horowitz_1983 - The End of the Youth Gang.pdf), particular attention is required to the corner social groups (Whyte, 1943)

First, to adress my proposal to study, the most important will be to identify on what we are looking for ( the goal) and to develop the methods ( the steps) toward it 's achivement.
In my case of study, the principal goal is related to the Environemental theory of crime and will be designating the most dangerous gangs ' infected area on the map of the city. “ The population of street gangs could be described, say, in terms of it 's geographic distribution throughout a city” ( Babbie and Maxfield, 2011) Once this will be done, we will be able to impliment the correspondent intervention, in order to desinfect in a timely manner those area from gang, by turning out the attention of gangs members to the recreational programs, where principal objective is to decriminalyse them .

In my opinion this type of reserch  could be done at a micro level- if for example we will create the study groups or infiltrate a collaborator inside of any given gang. At this level, it 's possible to make the observation of each participant (PO) ( Fleisher_2006) But it could also be studied at macro level, and oriented to the social network (SN) (Fleisher_2006) since in my opponion to propose a succesful study of gang in a community, need the implication of the differents community organisations ( like police, schools, social services, churches, public places, sport complexes, etc) Like stated Fleisher ” I do not argue that SNA is better than PO. I argue that SNA and PO can complement one another...

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...l be compare the violence of the gangs between them on the assigned theritory. Futuremore, we will be able to attein our principal goal related to the Environemental theory (credit WHO) of crime and designate the most dangerous gangs ' infected area on the map of the city.

To do so I will do a field work

Knowing more about gangs has become a high priority in the inventory of gang research, and a comparative approach, whether across nations, cities, or gangs within cities adds considerably to our understanding of gangs.

We do not need to underestimate the role of the gangs in the definition of the violence. “Dans ce nouveau panorama, la population juvénile et les gangs deviennent les acteurs principaux : victimes mais aussi responsables de la violence. “

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