The Role Of Federal And Provincial Governments Essay

The Role Of Federal And Provincial Governments Essay

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Health Care in Canada – the role of federal and provincial governments
The healthcare system in Canada is funded largely by the federal government as determined by the constitution. However, the actual healthcare delivery and social services is left up to each province and territory. Each province has the power to pass legislation that governs the financing and delivery of healthcare services to Canadians residing in that province. This fact encourages all healthcare professionals who have a strong provincial association and want to advocate their position on healthcare to speak up, if they want something different. If a physician wants to start delivery of telemedicine to rural areas of the province, he or she can advocate their position and get money for such a venture from the local government (OSOT, 2016).
The federal government in Canada is only responsible for delivery of healthcare to select a group of people that include the native Indians (First nations) and veterans. The Canadian healthcare system is a socialized system that offers universal coverage to all Canadians at a cost, it is not for free. It is publicly funded and administered on a provincial basis. This means that each province collects money for healthcare from taxes. On average, each Canadian pays about $6,000-$9,000 per year- which is not that much different from the American private healthcare. The federal government collects the taxes then distributes money to each province based on the needs. The major requirement of the Canada Health Act is that all provinces, which do get federal money to deliver healthcare, have transparency and accountability, be universal and portable. This means that a Canadian living in one province can move to another province a...

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...ransparent, accountable and punished if patients are harmed. Because ACA is relatively new, there are a lot of unknowns how long it will work and whether it will be able to provide an acceptable quality of healthcare at low costs in future. So far, there are rumblings from politicians, hospitals and insurers about the ineffectiveness and high cost of ACA. The only ones who have it made are the health insurance companies because they charge high premiums and in turn offer limited services. The average American pays about $8,000 a year for healthcare which is not that different from what Canadians and British citizens play. However, the problem in the US healthcare system is a lot of bureaucracy and rules. Plus, unlike the British and Canadian system the US healthcare is not portable and universal- but it is efficient provided you have insurance (US Healthcare, 2016).

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