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Role of Father Involvement Essay

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Throughout Exploring the Role of Father Involvement in the Relationship Between Day Care and Children’s Behavior the main focus is on social and developmental psychologies. The social psychology is examined by the behavior and responses of the children, while developmental psychology was examined by behavior after so much time with parents. The researchers were questioning weather or not the amount time a child spent with their father was related to their misbehavior in a school setting. The study they conducted gave mixed results in which left it possible that these behavioral problems could be blamed on the father and his involvement in the child’s life.
In the beginning of the article, the researchers discussed that when more women started to join the workforce the way a child was raised changed. They discussed the essay by Belsky, written in 1986, which explained that children who are placed in daycare settings during their first year would be considered at risk for hesitant attachment. It was seemingly believed that the child’s behavior was based upon time spent with the mother. The research to this theory was that both time spent with the mother and the time spent in a daycare facility had positives and negatives. The discovered that children who were exposed to non-maternal care had a tendency to have a higher cognitive level, but the risk of the child spending too much time in this setting would lead to defiance and other behavioral problems.
This particular study hypothesized that the amount of time spent with the father there was greater behavior problems with the child, which has never been previously questioned. During the other studies, father’s involvement and care were considered as alternatives. To measure this, r...

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...that these results and procedures are steps in the right direction to understanding behavioral problems in children and that the father has a relation with the child’s development. They also suggest that it is important to look at the perceptions of both parents’ ideas of the father’s responsibilities as a caregiver. The researchers offer suggestions to therapist that deal with family with young children. They also discus suggestions of different scenarios where the parents have either distinguished their roles as caregivers or have not and give examples of what may occur.

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Levant, R. F., Richmond, K., Cruickshank, B., Rankin, T. J., & Rummell, C. M. (2014). Exploring the Role of Father Involvement in the Relationship Between Day Care and Children's Behavior Problems. American Journal Of Family Therapy, 42(3), 193-204. doi:10.1080/01926187.2013.814390

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