The Role Of Eye Contact On Communication Essay

The Role Of Eye Contact On Communication Essay

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The Role of Eye Contact in Communication

Interpersonal communication is more than just saying words to another person. It often includes nonverbal communication, and this type of communication sometimes speaks louder than the actual words. Nonverbal communication includes our facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, and most importantly, eye contact. Although, eye contact comes naturally to most of us, through this experiment, I discovered how valuable eye contact really is in communicating. I conducted four separate experiments to determine the role of eye contact in interpersonal communication and how others would react with the presence or absence of it.

In the first experiment, I had to keep my eyes on the floor while having a conversation with someone. I did this to my mom when I was home for fall break, and she was cooking while I did it. We were talking, and suddenly, I looked down to the floor. She didn’t noticed until a few seconds later. When she finally did, she just asked me what I was looking for, because I always lose things. It was very hard to keep a straight face, but I just said “nothing” and continued to talk to her like it was a normal conversation. I think she gave me a weird look and continued talking and doing what she was doing. This experiment was somewhat effective in my opinion, because our conversation required just a little bit of eye contact due to the setting. In other words, it didn’t affect our conversation a whole lot besides her giving me a weird look. However, my mom still noticed that I wasn’t looking at her, which shows that we expect people to have eye contact with us as a part of a normal conversation.

The second experiment was to stare at the other person’s nose. This experiment ...

... middle of paper ...

...act, because I felt like they were staring me down. From this experiment, I think comfortable eye contact is when you’re not really thinking about anything else, especially like how that person is making eye contact with you. I conducted this experiment again in which I made comfortable eye contact by just paying attention to what the person is saying. I think this is one of the reasons why eye contact is important; it is a way of showing that you’re interested of what the other person has to say. Furthermore, it is also important, because it shows the other person’s reaction or what they are thinking. For instance, there are a lot of people who don’t make eye contact when they’re lying. It can also show different emotions like anger and surprise. Lastly, I think making eye contact with the other person shows how sincere you are and how comfortable you are with them.

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