Essay on The Role Of Experiential Marketing On Consumer Decision

Essay on The Role Of Experiential Marketing On Consumer Decision

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There has been widen concern about wether the experiential consumption promote consumers to purchase products irrationally.Nowadays, ‘experiential marketing’ become an essential word in marketing.With providing attractive experiences for their customers, integrating elements of sensations, imagery, feelings, pleasures as a subjective consciousness, it is essential to position and differentiate consumers’ needs, which is commonly called ‘experiential marketing’(Holbrook and Hirschman, 1982).In this essay, the aspects of experiential marketing whether trigger irrational consumer decision would be fundamental to discuss .Also associated with consumer decision,a successful case of IKEA would be considered to demonstrate experience information making consumers’ willingness to purchase legitimately.
Irrational behavior
The most basic concept of marketing is basic physical needs,marketers cannot create human needs but the rest of marketing to shape culture and individual personality which shift wants to demands with most value and utility(Philip and Gary,2012:28).Follow the advice of Philip and Gary(2012:176),the purchase process start at needs recognition which triggered by internal stimuli and external stimuli. According to this concept,satisfied consumers to purchase products which is not basic physical needs, even actuate them buy again and recommend to others about good experience.Some critics argue that experiential marketing ,which motivate consumers get involved in fantasies, feelings ,and fun ,could manipulate consumers to have an entirely appreciation of the sensory of emotional phenomena under intense emotional experiences.The feeling of irrational emotion may separate to consider(Schmitt and Zarantonello, 2013...

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...s and enterprises.It is true that appreciation of the rational and sensory of emotional phenomena under intense emotional experiences would given by experiential view.As for the successful case of IKEA, apparently IKEA hotel chains ,the well-reputed environment , and service with choreographed atmosphere and signage prompt positive impression.In addition, first-hand experience to join the designing and planning process, combine different set to form a unique product rather than finalized products,IKEA’s strategies grab internal demand of consumers and reduce distance with consumers.From my point of view, experiential consumption help enterprises to be familiar with consumers which can create good products for them,but also prompt consumer get involved in the process of producing good. Overall,experiential aspects help consumers to make rational purchasing decisions.

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