Essay about The Role Of Endorsers In Advertising

Essay about The Role Of Endorsers In Advertising

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According to the Economic Times, advertisement is a way to communicate with the users of a specific product or service. In a simpler way, advertisement is a message that has been paid for the intention to inform and influence those who receive it.
Nowadays, advertisements are pretty much exist in many form at everywhere whether through print and broadcast as well as via online. There is no business that does not have marketing activities involving advertisements in the world today. The basic purpose of an advertisement being made is to sell a product or service to the potential customers.
However, there are also hidden purposes behind those advertisements. One of them are to maintain the image of the company that produces the advertisement as well as barring new competitions to take over the monopoly of the company. Besides that, advertisement is also responsible to inform the customers about the changes in the product or service that is being advertised while at the same time to ensure that the customer would still buy the product or service despite the changes that are being made.
One of the most effective ways to promote a brand of a product or service is through endorsement. Marketers use endorsers to promote their brand as it is reachable to many and the level of influence of the people to be the brand’s customers is much likely to be high.

Endorsement is a form of advertising of a certain product or service where famous personalities or celebrities who gain a high recognition among the people are being used to promote the product or service. The images of these endorsers are the influence that will make the customers to buy.
The reason behind these types ...

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...The effective celebrity endorsers that have been chosen are Emma Stone for Revlon and 50 Cent for VitaminWater. The first celebrity endorser which is Emma Stone is an actress who is achieving the status of one of the popular female star in Hollywood today. Her partnership with Revlon which is a well -known cosmetic brand started at the year 2012. Her endorsement for Revlon is mostly of its lipsticks collection. Being the best dressed in Vanity Fair magazine and one of the 2013 most beautiful for Peoples magazine, Emma is considered to be one of the best endorsers that is apt for the brand in the concept of attractiveness, expertise and trustworthiness.
In the aspect of attractiveness, Emma is the right face for Revlon as she is a familiar face to everyone and is one of the popular young actresses which make her to be eligible for being the endorser for Revlon.

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