The Role Of Educational Displays As An Ultimate Way Of Setting The Environment

The Role Of Educational Displays As An Ultimate Way Of Setting The Environment

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The essay will help in understanding the role of educational displays as an ultimate way of setting the environment to promote the desired learning outcomes among students who are learning English as their second language (ESOL). Riddell (2003) stated that it is nearly impossible for educators to create the perfect learning environment. Many learning environments have been created to respond to the stipulated learning theories. According to Robbinson & Molina (2002), the theories mainly base their arguments on physiological and sociological factors which are found in the immediate environment. Learning environments are therefore understood as pedagogical philosophy, curriculum design and social climate. Generally, learning is the actual acquisition of skills, knowledge, values, understanding and wisdom (Ertmer & Timothy, 1993). There are three main theories that explain the learning process which include behaviourism, cognitive and constructivism. In this case, as an ESOL teacher, I have the responsibility of making use of the right theory of a learning process to ensure my students who speak other languages have an ultimate environment which can help them in learning various basic vocabularies and construct simple sentences on people’s daily routine in English. My class has students who are above sixteen years and the environment needs to be appropriate so that they can easily associate the words they hear and the actions involved. The best theory to be used in this kind of learning is cognitivist which includes mental processes of learning such as thinking, memory, knowing and problem solving.
Why the use of cognitivist educational theory
Cognitivism includes all the mental processes involved in a learning process. These mental...

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...lesson. They also agreed that the library was a good place to have the club giving it a rating of 4. I as the tutor was given a rating of five, meaning I was effective in helping them learn the second language. They also indicated that the educational displays made learning easier and enjoyable. It also made the students easily remember what they had learnt and practise it. For the lessons to be better, the lesson should be made a bit longer for more practice. To improve on their skills in English, more and more practise is needed in speech, reading exercises and regular attendance to the classes.

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Ertmer, P., & Timothy, N. (1993). Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism: Comparing Critical Features from an Instructional Design Perspective. Performance Improvement Quartely , 50-72.

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