The Role Of Diversity On Medicine : A Big Problem Essay

The Role Of Diversity On Medicine : A Big Problem Essay

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The role of diversity in medicine I find to be a big problem. Being from a city like Los Angeles where we can find an exhausting amount of different cultures, we would expect to have many different faces in multiple professions. Nothing is more alarming to myself then walking through a clinic and finding only one or two doctors who speak Spanish proficient enough to hold a conversation with a worried patient. This is a reason why I feel passionate when I think of a career in medicine. I see need in areas like South Central where more clinics are needed. It is all seen heavy when I pass by a free clinic and see the line stretched to outside beyond the door, I take an even greater notice when I accompany one of my friends or family members to the general hospital and see dozens of children with their mothers or fathers translating for them when there is a need to speak with hospital clerks or even trying to explain to them how to fill out their medical history paperwork.
After completing my first semester of college I have found a special drive with in myself to do more and more. I ...

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