Essay about The Role Of Director Of National Intelligence

Essay about The Role Of Director Of National Intelligence

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The Roles of the Director of National Intelligence
The Office of Director of National Intelligence serves “to effectively integrate foreign, military and domestic intelligence in defense of the homeland and of United States interests abroad” (ODNI FAQ, n.d.). He is a personal advisor to the President for all these different agencies and departments in the Intelligence Community. He makes sure that these agencies are behaving and acting efficiently. In essence, whoever takes this position must be the parent of all these different agencies and departments. Very few people could be able to handle this position. As a matter of fact, this position was such a huge load of responsibilities that an ambassador asked the first soon-to-be Director of National Intelligence “whether he should ‘congratulate you or offer condolences on your nomination,’ Negroponte replied simply, with a dose of dry, self-deprecating wit that he doesn 't often reveal, ‘Both’” (Eisenberg, 2005). This weighty position had the pressure of not only being able to handle all of the organizations within the Intelligence Community, but also be able to prevent any type of incident similar to 9/11. What is more astounding is that John Dimitri Negroponte, the first Director of National Intelligence, set the standard that every DNI after would follow. He made the roads that were not there. He had no predecessor to watch from or to follow. All he had was wisdom, experience, a lot of accountability from these organizations, and Deputy Director of National Intelligence Lieutenant General Michael Hayden to help him out with the tough times, as well.
The Intelligence Community
Understanding the depths of this position, we must first understand what the Intelligence Community is a...

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...Is will build upon to prevent another disaster such as 9/11. Also, there hasn’t been a scandal with his name attached to it, at least, that we know of. All in all, he has done superb job at handling his job. This job has only lasted for 10 years, and only a handful of men have been in position over this job, such as Vice Admiral John Michael McConnell, Admiral Dennis C. Blair, the extremely quick David C. Gompert, and the current Lieutenant General James R. Clapper, who is now the longest running DNI out of the five guys that have had this high responsibility. The position of the Director of National Intelligence is one that requires highly experienced people who can listen to all the experience they have developed and be able to make the right call that could potentially lead to another Iraq fiasco or could prevent the epitome of what this position was created for.

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