The Role Of Current Child Welfare System Essay

The Role Of Current Child Welfare System Essay

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Thesis statement
This paper is a dissection of the root causes of overrepresentation of First Nations ' children in the Canada welfare system. Furthermore, it will discuss in detail the contributions and efficacy of current child welfare system to the issue, such as poverty, parenting differences, language barrier, and social worker evaluation and decisions. The last part will look at the role of social workers and their agencies in addressing and improving this problem by providing policies and programs that will be appropriate and sensitive when working with First Nations’ families.
The abandonment and constant abuse of first nation residents, especially within colonized communities is becoming a global issue. As such, developed countries such as Canada are periled with the unfortunate position of over-representing First Nations communities in the child welfare system. This overrepresentation is characterized by a generally high population of children of First Nations descent currently receiving aid through the children welfare system of Canada. This is evident, as indicated in the National Household Survey (2011), that ” 48% of 30,000 children and youth in the welfare child care system across Canada are First Nation children, even though they only account for 4.3% of the Canadian population” (Group, 2015).
This paper will outline the main root causes and issues with over representation of the First Nations’ children in the Welfare system. It will also discuss in detail the role of social worker and agencies contributions to these issues, and the evaluation of the preventive programs and policies created and its effectiveness in reducing the first nation’s children in the child care system.
During the ...

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...eflection as a social worker will be to seek a deeper understanding of the aboriginal culture norms and also collaborate with the community leaders to help provide better service for the community.


The contribution of issues such as poverty, parenting differences, language barrier, and social worker evaluation and decisions to the efficacy of the current child welfare system was discussed. Secondly, the abandonment and constant abuse of first nation residents, especially within colonized communities was posited as another contributing factor to the over representation of aboriginal children in the Welfare System. The role of social worker and agencies contributions to these issues; an evaluation of the preventive programs and policies created; and the effectiveness of programs in reducing the first nation’s children in the child care system was reviewed.

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