Role of Culture in Global Politics

Role of Culture in Global Politics

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The process of globalization has converted this world into a global village resulting in mass movement of people for education, employment, and residence turning the countries into borderless nations. This has resulted in mixture of culture with different people expressing their view about the national and international policies formulated by the domestic and international bodies. Citizens attitude are the elements which create a political culture that play major role in the behavior and actions of persons. Various cultures across countries provide sociological account of political cultures within each country. According to Kegley and Blanton (2010) world’s political realities may be built on illusions and misconceptions and it is necessary to recognize changes in the world as the worlds future will be determined not only by the changes in the objective ‘facts’ of world politics but also by the meaning that people ascribe to those facts, the assumptions on which people base their interpretations, and the actions that flow from these assumptions and interpretations.
It is further pertinent to mention that policy makers look for information that reinforces the pre-existing beliefs about the world, assimilate new data into familiar images, equate the decisions with what one knows and believes and deny that contradictions the information one knows and most of the time rely on intuition than analysis (Kegley and Blanton, 2010). However culture is merely the aggregate the individual disposition and its meaning and significance are limited to the behavior (Street, 1997). It is because of its culture upon which the politics of United States is built and dominates the global politics. World politics follows accepted legal conventions about distinction which is powered by the culture of population around the world that perform various day to day activities who compete with each other because frequently they have different goals and objectives (Kegley and Blanton, 2010). Kegley and Blanton (2010) further elaborates the importance of culture in global politics mentioning the chronicle of interactions among states that remain the dominant political organizations in the world wherein the world affairs are also influenced by the new, big players in international affairs. The global level of analysis is one of the major factors affecting global politics which refers to the interactions of states and non state actors on global stage whose behaviors ultimately shape the international political system and the levels of conflict and cooperation that characterize world politics. Kegley and Blanton (2010) further presents the liberal and constructivist perspectives on war and peace, armed aggression and international security which are fundamentally shaped by the importance attached to shared ethics and morality in world politics.

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This cultural integration has led to various policies pertaining to global peace which justifies the fact that culture plays a vital role in world politics but only as an intermediary with key divisions and interests derived from other factors of state.

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