The Role Of Crime And Receiving Welfare Essay

The Role Of Crime And Receiving Welfare Essay

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Being looked at with no worth destroys someone self-esteem. These children in these neighborhoods aren’t respected as the other kids in higher-class neighborhoods. Getting involved in drugs, crime and receiving welfare is a social norm in these societies. Me going to college and continuing my education inspired my cousins who are sophomore and juniors in high school to take their education to the next level. When a person who strives for more, breaks that social norm. Although, this will not make the stereotype go away but it can be an example for these other children in this society. A Hispanic from a low-income neighborhood can become a doctor in the future if he wanted to. His race and upbringing doesn’t have to determine his outcome, only his work ethic should.

Hispanics in low-income areas do not have aspirations in life. They are content with their surrounding and their way of life. That is the stereotype we hear the most. Growing up in the Bronx, New York most are surrounded by drugs, crime and violence as stated in “The Money” by Junot Díaz “When we returned to Jersey, exhausted, battered, we found our front door unlocked.”(Díaz 913) This is what people in this type of neighborhood are used too “it’s not like the robbery came as some huge surprise.”(Díaz 913) Making a difference or breaking the norm is a difficult task to do when the people in your surrounding area are doing the exact opposite. Most are looked at differently, or judged for making decisions to better themselves.

In the Spanish community men are raised to make money “She (his mother) didn’t have a regular job outside of caring for us five kids”(Díaz 912). Men are the one who go to work everyday and pay the bills in the house. Most begin working at a very ...

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...ou become has nothing to do with your race or gender as stated in the reading “How Do I Pick a Team?” by Andy Hinds “So in theory then, I could fine a team to follow that would express my own individuality, rather than my affinity for a city where their stadium happens to be located”(Hinds 966). The key word in that quote is individuality, hinds chose his own team that he wants to follow, not letting his location determine his preference. These Spanish men need to find their own individuality like hinds so they can be what they please. If they’re in a low-income area don’t let that lifestyle influence you to be like the others. You can become anything and everything you want. Identity, race, and gender shouldn’t get in the way of that. Nor should stereotypes or location. You as the individual have the ability to make a change, but you have to go out there and do it.

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