The Role Of Computer Assisted Language Learning Essay

The Role Of Computer Assisted Language Learning Essay

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Since the last few decades, exercising the skills of spoken language has been receiving high degree of attention amongst the educators. The curricula of foreign language creates the main focus on the skills of productivity by laying special emphasis over the competence of communication. Since recent times, there have been advancements within the multimedia technology that has resulted in the emergence of computer assisted language learning as a tempting option towards traditional sources in order to supplement or replace direct interaction amongst the student and the teacher. This includes the study of language at the laboratory or the self-study on the basis of audio tape (Cervatiuc, 2007).
Enabling the integration amongst animation, video, text, interaction through voice and sound has resulted in making it possible for the creation of environments that provide interactive learning and also promises the enhancement of the classroom model in relation with the learning of language in a significant manner (Diller, 2008). A growth in the population of publishers of textbook now have been offering some type of educational software. In addition to this, choices can be made by the educators amongst a number of different types of products. However, the practical influence of computer assisted language learning within the field for the learning of foreign language has in fact been quite modest. A number of educators have been showing reluctant for embracing a technology that still have been seeking acceptance by the community for teaching language on the whole.
Citation of several reasons have been done for the restricted practical influence of instruction on language on the basis of computer. Amongst all of th...

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...acoustic along with a different set for the models of HMM. The model of HMM can contribute in modelling phones or other units with respect to sub word. In addition to this, it can become capable enough of modelling words or also the entire sentence.
This can be stated in consideration with the fact that the present disadvantages of the technology can be understood and the designing of systems have been done in such ways that the work of these technologies move and revolve around these disadvantages and drawbacks (Cervatiuc, 2007). However, the practical influence of computer assisted language learning within the field for the learning of foreign language has in fact been quite modest. A number of educators have been showing reluctant for embracing a technology that still have been seeking acceptance by the community for teaching language on the whole.

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