The Role of Caregivers in Language Development in Children with Brain Injuries

The Role of Caregivers in Language Development in Children with Brain Injuries

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This study primarily focused on examining the role of caregivers in language development within both children with prenatal or perinatal brain injury (BI) and typically developing children (TD). Previous research has shown that lesion characteristic played an important role on the adaptability of linguistic development in children with BI. However like TD children, children with BI tend to have easy compliance towards language development.
To make sure the experiment was controlled many variables had to be taken into account. Variables concerning the lesion such as its location. According to Eccles (2009) whether a lesion is located in the left hemisphere or the right can result in more marked language deficits (91). Each deficiency could also differ in characteristics (size, type of lesion) changing the overall linguistic ability of a BI child. The smaller the lesion, the more susceptible to early language growth, complicated vocabulary syntax and comprehension a child is, the larger a lesion the worse the condition for the child. There was also the question of whether or not the c...

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