The Role Of Being Diversity Essay

The Role Of Being Diversity Essay

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Discrimination. Intersecting identities. Domination. In today’s society, people criticize in others of their race, gender, abilities, age, etc., as those certain people are trying to destroy our humanity. Creating this situation in the social society, will affect the social, political, and economic factors in various countries, also starting a war between different race or ethnicity. The role of being diversity in modern society, gives people to communicate better and have more confidence to express our opinions or beliefs. Intersectionality, is a study of interaction between different groups with distinct aspects/appearances, in which they’re consider as inequality or discrimination, as it relates to my privileged life for being a Hispanic, low class, and educated male.
As people are trying to fit in a different social category are always being treated badly, and can affect my confidence to meet new people. I am a Hispanic male, it has impacted me because sometimes it’s hard to be in public and seeing how some people treat me versus how they treat themselves. Most of the times, people will consider me as a different person and will ask me “Do you even speak English or What’s your native language?”, even though they still even don’t know me. Despite, my appearances or the way I talk, it can “…impact the way people can move through the world or are discriminated against”, as affects to my Hispanic community and myself (Crosley-Corcoran 2). It showed me that I need to improve my knowledge, so no one can have the dominance over me for being a Hispanic male. Being discriminated by certain people based on my race and that I wasn’t a part of this environment. Then, I thought that with those comments, I will create an opportunity to expr...

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...e ideas, or understand the meaning to fight for our rights. Life without education or ideas from different identities, will destroy the relations between race, gender, and other groups.
Overall, intersectionality has displayed an understanding and reaction to various ways of how each identity intersects with other identities like race, ethnicity, age, class, etc. In other words, the interactions between different identities, are being discriminated from other groups, and consider as a person without any equal rights or recognition. Being a Hispanic, low-class, and educated male, it showed how I can change the society with my appearances, allowing me to ignore the comments and fight against discrimination. By all means, people are more than a simple category or label, they are human beings that want to be recognized by others and see how stop racism, or any judgment.

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