The Role Of A Professional Nurse Essay

The Role Of A Professional Nurse Essay

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The Role of a Professional Nurse
It is ten o’clock at night and you have put the children all bathed and tucked into bed. You are exhausted from working and being on your feet all day. You still have to clean the dirty dishes from dinner and get yourself ready for bed. While you begin to clean up the mess, you begin to ponder on what you are grateful for; you have a wonderful family, you have an awesome house, you have an amazing job that you love, and before you know, you have finished cleaning up the mess from dinner. Now, it is time to get you ready for bed and rest up for the next busy day. Before you go to sleep you, think to yourself, “today was a good day, but tomorrow is going to be even better!”
In life, we all get so busy with our daily routines, we forget to step back and look at the little things. Something that one might seem so small another may view it as making this world a little better and easier to live in. A good example could be, many people view roles of the professional nurse as just care givers to patients in the hospital setting. This may be true, but there are also many overlooked aspects of being a professional nurse in today’s world.
Nurses can provide can perform more than one role at a time. For example, the nurse could be teaching the client 's about one thing while performing a physical assessment on the certain area for self care. As a nurse, we have to learn how to multitask and try to be in two places at once. A professional nurse has many roles to play other than caregivers such as; a communicator, teacher, client advocate, counselor, change agent, leader, and a manager. It all depends on the needs of the client and how dependent they are.
Nurses come from all different cultures a...

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...anagers to show share the path of success with integrity and the same high standards they have established.
No matter how old or how young the client may be, their nurse is their superhero. They are the healing hands that comfort the sick children. They are a hand to hold in all the anxiety and worries right before a scary procedure. Nurses have those few encouraging words that make their day a little better. Nurses are the ones who keep fighting for you, like warriors when times get tough and will promise to do all that they can to give the clients family the good news they can possibly hear. In nursing, there are tough situations, but that is when they have to use what they have been taught and have strength. With every client you help, the nurse learns a little more about himself or herself and realize this is what they love and were put on this earth to do.

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