The Role of a Mediator in a Conflict Essay

The Role of a Mediator in a Conflict Essay

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In the conflict with Mr. Doe and Mr. Tono has multilevel dimensions within the conflict. The conflict involves multiple parties and each party brings a different dynamic. Taking part in mediation each party would have a different view of how events happened before the conflict. Vindelov (2012) describes that the parties have developed a different view and positions of the course of events. Having multiple parties and different views communication is one key element. Each party wants to express their viewpoint which creates dialogue between the parties. Vindelov explores with dialogue each party gains greater insight on how the other parties have perceived the conflict (2012).
There are roles and skills needed as a third party with the conflict. A mediator can play various roles within mediation. The one key role to use in this type of mediation would be a communicator. In order to communicate a communicator role transmits information and ideas back to the parties in a way they would understand. Stulberg (1987) disputes that parties often do not understand what the other party is saying. The role of communicator has to have the ability to break things down to a level in which all parties understand. Herrman, H., et al. (2001) shows the appropriate communication style a mediator must adjust their styles to meet the participants in various capacities.
The role of communicator ties in with the role of translator. A translator will have to understand how things are interpreted between the parties. A function of a translator is to translate statement or proposals into language that increases their probability of being favorably received (Stulberg 1987). Mosten (2001) contends that a mediator must have the ability to reframe words...

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...ssues with the family.

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