Role Of A Good Listener With My Partner Essay example

Role Of A Good Listener With My Partner Essay example

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The role play in class allowed me to analysis what I need to work on as a listener and how to make a friend feel comfortable opening up to me. The second role play felt easier to me with my partner, Ashlyn, because we talked in class about different ways to be a good listener. To be a good listener you have to reflect on their feelings, paraphrase, summarize, problem-solve, give advice when appropriate, and ask questions. Being a good listener can completely change the way a conversations goes. When a speaker feels listened to, they feel more comfortable to talk about what is going on and makes them feel cared about. This experience was a positive because it helped me grow as a listener and learn to try to understand what the underlying feeling was of the speaker rather than just assuming what was wrong. The role played allowed Ashlyn and I to know the positives and negatives of our listening skills.
The first role play that Ashlyn and I did was about two sisters discussing why the one sister did not come to her dad 's birthday when he has leukemia and went to her boyfriend 's niece 's birthday party instead. During this scenario, I was the listener, which was the sister who attended her dad 's birthday and Ashlyn was the sister who went to her boyfriend 's niece 's birthday party. I first started by asking Ashlyn why she did not come to dad 's birthday and she just replied that she was went to her boyfriend 's niece 's birthday party. I did not start mad her about not showing up to the party because I wanted to really understand why she did not come and if I was mad she would not feel comfortable opening up. I stayed calm and asked her questions about what was really going on. I summarized a couple of times to make sure that sh...

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...better, rather then her trying to plan to hang out again, but overall she did a great job at making me feel like she was really listening to me and understood what I was saying.
In general, there was a ton of positives and very few negatives of both the role plays. I believe that both of our listening stills were better then the first role play that we did. The other group that was in the same room as us also did a good job, but could have done a better job at paraphrasing and reflecting on the speakers feelings. Everyone did a great job at asking open-ended and close-ended questions, which helped the speakers open up to the listeners. Everyone also did a good job at making sure that they were being empathetic and sympathetic to the situations that people were going through. The role plays were a positive experience that allowed all the groups to grow as a listener.

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