Essay on Role Of A Goddess Of Great Guidance And Wisdom

Essay on Role Of A Goddess Of Great Guidance And Wisdom

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Important Roles of Important Gods
Gods always play main roles in Greek culture. They are the creators of everything and without them most stories are not as entertaining. In The Odyssey there are a good amount of gods and goddesses in the tragedy, however three of these gods play key roles. Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon all have significant roles. Their role, depending on the situation, was to aid or bring certain characters to glory or destruction.
Athena plays the role of a goddess of great guidance and wisdom. Throughout the entire play she is consistently providing some form of assistance. She aids Odysseus and his son Telemachus the most. In one situation Athena disguises herself as a friend of Odysseus in order to talk to Telemachus. She says “He’s plotting a way to journey home at least; he’s never at lost” (Lines 237-238 Book 1). This is a where here wisdom comes into play. She knew that by telling young Telemachus this that it would ignite a strong hope in him. This encourages him to stay positive and give him a new confidence. Athena displays her strategic mind and also shows what type of generosity and guidance her heart contains. Earlier in the poem, Athena confesses that’s she has a soft spot for Odysseus. It seems only right for her feelings for his son to follow suit. These lines provide a good image for how Athena can use her wisdom to guide someone in the right direction. Another scene of Athena’s guidance and wisdom comes again with young Telemachus. Odysseus has returned home and she needs to get his son there as well. She comes to him late in the night and says “But you make your way to the swineherd first, in charge of your pigs, and true to you always. Sleep the night there, send him to town at once to tell th...

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...hat as offense and wanted them to pay for this act of betrayal. Poseidon wants Odysseus to suffer for his wrong doings against him. He makes life very challenging for the hero, and also makes his journey back home a very difficult one. The quotes show that he will stop at nothing to bring the Greek down, however in the end Odysseus prevails.
Each of the gods partake a significant role in the Odyssey. The roles they play have a notable impact on the tone of the story for better or for worse. Athena and Zeus roles play a huge part in aiding Odysseus return home. Poseidon’s role was to bring doom and turmoil to the hero, making home seem so far away for him. In the end the roles were important to the plot of the story and make the scenarios seem better than any mortal being would.
them to their doom. Not only does this destroy them, but he saves Odysseus as well. This

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