Essay about The Role Of A Custodial

Essay about The Role Of A Custodial

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Recently there has been a change in the dynamic of the family structure in American. For serval reasons parents are unable to take care of their children. This leads them to rely on their parents for support. Grandparents are now aiding their families by becoming custodial grandparents, which is another name to address a grandparent that has become the primary caregiver of a child. This is different from the traditional grandparent role where an older adult is active in their child and grandparents lives but not to the point where they have taken over the parent role. For this paper will focus on those assuming the primary role of a custodial grandparent.The number of Grandparents that have taken on this responsibility has increased dramatically, unfortunately society has yet to acknowledge this population and their needs. This is reflected in the resources available to this population, which are scarce. This also speaks to the viewpoint society has about older adults. In America, once you have reached a certain age and are no longer working member of society, people view you are a noncontributing member. If this is so, then what are the negative impacts older adults have as a result of these lack of support? This paper will examine the struggles they face and confide in the research for theory and interventions are available.
There are many issues older adults face while raising their grandchild. The most clear one being stress. According to (Kelley 2001), Grandparents who identified as the primary caretaker of their grandchildren reported a higher level of psychological stress than those who served a more traditional grandparent role (2001). There are many aspects of parenting that could contribute to thi...

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...lied towards his or her ongoing negotiation of the caregiver role and caregiver demands”. This theory puts the control back into custodial grandparents by enabling them to explore their community resources. However, there are many limitations the theory has. The theory relies heavily on the Individual’s access to community resources, yet it does not take into account a person’s ability to do so. If this theory were used as a social work intervention, it is hard to visualize a positive effect on and individual’s well-being. In fact, Longoria states, “it is theorized that the degree to which grandparents perceive they are able to achieve a satisfactory level of personal control substantively influences their emotional well-being”(2009).
To conclude, after reviewing the literature, it seems that there is still a strong need for research on this population.

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