The Role Of A Colleague 's Role Play Video Essay

The Role Of A Colleague 's Role Play Video Essay

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An opportunity was given to practice our social work skills through creating a role play video. This essay will consist of my overall reflection of completing the role play video in addition to assessing a colleague’s role play video. The following points will be addressed, “An explanation of any insights you gained from the experience. An explanation of the challenges you experienced in planning and executing the role play. An explanation of the specific techniques you used and why you used them. A brief description of the colleague’s role play video you selected. A critique of what your colleague did well in the video you selected and an explanation of areas in which your colleague might improve his or her approach and why (, 2016).”
Role Play Video Overview
Alicia Horton is a 15 year old, single, African-American, female who is pregnant with her first child. She discovered pregnancy by taking a home pregnancy test. In her initial call to the agency she informed she was scared and had no one to confide in. Client states her overall goal is to obtain support and guidance to access tools to be self-sufficient and provide for her child. Client currently resides in a single parent home with her mother, who and is divorced, and has no other children outside of Alicia. Alicia requests an in home consolation, and the role play video documented the initial meeting between Alicia and the social worker.
Experience Gained and Specific Techniques Used in the Role Play Video
The purpose of the role play video was to, “Demonstrate the interaction between a social worker and the client system that reflected the appropriate step of the GIM and social work practice behaviors, based on the presenting concerns of that client system (W...

... middle of paper ...

...oss-cultural awareness in interviewing, silence in the interview, confronting clients, involuntary clients, and suspicion of untruth. Often critical thinking is required (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2015).
In conclusion, this check and balance system presents the ability to evaluate our skill set
and work on ways to remain effective in the field of social work. Role playing allows the opportunity for social workers to develop their instincts by analyzing how they are perceived by clients. Role playing also has the potential to assist one in identifying the areas in which they are strong, as well as the various areas where they might need improvement. Completing this project was a great opportunity that allowed me to see first-hand what a social worker encounters when exploring the GIM steps and specific practice skills needed to apply to each level of practice.

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