The Role Of A Caretaker Essay

The Role Of A Caretaker Essay

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The role of a caretaker is to nurture and care for instance a mother with her child, though a natural instinct in which a mother takes care of her own, there is no instinct to show some sort of figure that represents authority but caring thus only showing a sort of weakness in today 's society because we precise it to be because we do not see it as masculine.
The brief article by Chad Graham involves aspects of gay and lesbian relationships. The meaning of this is that Graham is trying to prove some sort influence that happens to the children that are raised by same sex relationships. Graham has said "Kids of gay and lesbian parents are less likely to adopt traditional gender roles and more apt to pick same-sex partners when they grow up...", the importance of this is that same sex couples have a massive impact on their children because they are influenced not to take part in normal gender roles and that they are more likely to choose a partner of the same sex. The gender norm in today 's society has this idea about how females should be less masculine than males and at time are not considered masculine at all. Graham states "...girls raised by gay parents are interested in activities that have masculine and feminine qualities.". Graham 's statement functioned as a fact in which females could are to be in a masculine gender role because of their male parents. The significance of this is how the gender norm sees females as the opposite of masculinity. A gender role which males take part in is the role of them being masculine and is socially considered normal. Graham states "Boys raised by gay parents are less masculine and more nurturing", the meaning of this statement was to show how males raised by same sex couples influence them...

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...cause according to Tannen she states " is women who are direct and men who are indirect...Fro them, indirectness, like the men who use it, has high status". In the island it is the opposite of the gender role norm for it is me that are the ones who are indirect but are still seen to be higher in status than women. The importance of this is to show how basically in any type of social environment, women will always be the ones to be seen less than males even when they do the same things as males would do.
Within the video it starts off with a working environment. The reason for this video is for its satire. In the video there are two people and are given laptops with stickers that represents what normally a boy or girl would be interested in. Then follows the male actor with a pink colored shirt being told that it was too much of a feminine color to be worn by him.

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