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This article investigates how role induction can be used as a potential method for
improving men’s perceptions of career counseling. When it comes to work, men put greater value on having a successful career than do women. Men have been taught from the time they are children that their life should be connected to work. A career creates a sense of self-identity and self-worth for a man; whereas for a woman, it is means to support her own self, socialize, and possibly support a family. According to this article, research has shown that men do not seek career counseling and that when they do seek help, it tends to focus on the concern that is occurring at that moment only. By using role induction and holistic career counseling, the authors of this article seek to find out if men would be more receptive to career counseling if those methods were involved. Role induction involves preparing the clients for counseling by informing them of what is going on, why the treatment is happening, the process of the counseling program, and their role in the counseling process. The purpose of holistic counseling is to deal with areas involving the complete person, physically and psychologically. It combines career and personal concerns. Since men have more negative attitudes towards career counseling, the hope of this research is to show that with role induction and a holistic approach, men will be more willing to engage in career counseling.
In this study, two role inductions were designed. The first was just a holistic process and the second was the holistic process that also dealt with the reluctance of males to participate in getting help. Three questions were examined in this study. First, does a role induction with holistic measures incr...

... middle of paper ...

...participants’ views on gender issues and should be assessed after role induction was introduced. This study also was limited on the age-range of participants. Views were not taken from older men, which could vary greatly from young college undergraduates. It would also be interesting to see a comparison of this study with women and their view of career counseling. Women are more “help-seeking” in general but that does not mean that they do not carry an attitude or stigma in regards to career counseling. Having that comparison would definitely add more weight to the test results shown in this study.

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Role Induction as a Potential Method for Improving Men's Perceptions of Career Counseling. Career Development Quarterly, 59(3), 219-231. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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