The Role Governments Had in Developing Technologies in the Asia Pacific Countries

The Role Governments Had in Developing Technologies in the Asia Pacific Countries

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Over the past two decades, Asia Pacific regions have seen considerable improvements in technology. Despite the 1997 Asian financial crisis that spared no member countries, their rapid economic growth grabbed the entire world attention (Hobday, 1995). The question is: has governments contributed in the emergence of Asian Pacific technologies? Using the Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan province of China, Singapore and Malaysia as comparative countries, this essay will focus on the role governments had in developing their technologies.

We cannot deny that East Asian governments played a major role in upgrading technology in the region. Eventhough most NIEs (Newly Industrialized Economies) are not situated in the same zone, they predominantly keep a similar trade framework and polity. In spite of that, one regime implemented a different strategy from the others: the Hong Kong government (Hernandez, 2004). In reality, the government of Hong Kong had trust and conviction in the free market, it then applied the laissez-faire strategy. Hong Kong's government has been far more passive compared to the other regimes in its procedure.

To start with, this essay will examine South Korea where the government highly contributed to the technological expansion. In fact, in order to improve the Korean technology, the government enforced a methodical technology policy.

The Korean government's strategy combined both scientific and technological progress. It was designed to reinforce education in these two ways, to plan and build scientific and technological infrastructures and to evolve in gaining support for the procurement of imported technology.

However, Korea would not be the industrialized economy it is today without the dictatorial regim...

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...n, few other countries could apply it. The effective governmental interventions in the comparative countries stated above (Japan, Taiwan Province of Chaina, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia) have been acclaimed. In addition to establishing strategies that enhanced the transfer of capital, the states radically educated and qualified employees in the technological fields. What's more, it promoted the cooperation among organizations. Even though most Asian NIEs roughly processed via similar policies, without strong strategic means, technological rise would be unnatainable. For that reason, studies have shown that if Malaysia and other NIEs want to carry on upgrading there technologies, they will need to consolidate those ressources macro-economically speaking. Withal, the reasons why some of these nations would not strike technological achievement are minimal.

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