The Role Environment Plays in Our Lives Essay

The Role Environment Plays in Our Lives Essay

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I am a firm believer that environment has a profound affect on individuals. The reality of life is that we cannot always control our environments, yet there are times in life where we find ourselves staring down the path to several destinations, the choice of which- in our own hands. As people we must choose to make the very best of the environments that do not foster the best for our lives. Choosing to be strong and derive positivity out of adverse circumstances is a way to survive. When however we can control or create the environments that influence us, we need to shape them into environments that promote egalitarian ways of life; this is how we thrive and cultivate a better world for ourselves and others. Ideology of equality & anti-misogyny should be apart of a Womanist/Feminist/Humanist way of life first and foremost to create change, an eventual movement.
The current world runs off of overly powerful systems, systems that include patriarchy, hierarchy and capitalism. These systems of domination are beyond the control of one person or one classroom of students, we cannot simply push the stop button on this monumental machine, “we are far out powered by our opponents” (Hooks, 165). What can be done is the elimination of these machines from our homes and environments of choice. These forms of domination do not have to be reproduced in the places where we dwell and spend the breadth of our lives. Bell Hooks states that this is often the case however, that forms of sexist domination are practiced in family settings. This, as well other demeaning practices, is an issue that must be faced to change both men and women’s understanding and interaction with the outside world (Hooks, 37). Progressive actions must be taken within va...

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...r world, hone the power of these forces for the good of all.
Bell Hooks suggests a cultural transformation and I agree, I believe that this transformation must originate in the cultures of our most diurnal environments and settings. We must not be afraid to be politically incorrect in the sense that we will talk about issues, we will assert our consciousness of subject matter that affects the quality of our lives as human beings. In our homes, our businesses, places of work, classrooms and neighborhoods, stand up for what is right, speak about what is right, show others our actions are right by living the ideologies and discourse that feminists, womanists and humanists believe in. Utilize the power of the domino effect for collective change, lead others to do the same. Make nonconformity the new social norm amongst your peers. Transform environments.

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